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They call us now.
Before they drop the bombs.
The phone rings
and someone who knows my first name
calls and says in perfect Arabic
“This is David.”
And in my stupor of sonic booms and glass shattering symphonies
still smashing around in my head
I think “Do I know any Davids in Gaza?”
They call us now to say
You have 58 seconds from the end of this message.
Your house is next.
They think of it as some kind of war time courtesy.
It doesn’t matter that
there is nowhere to run to.
It means nothing that the borders are closed
and your papers are worthless
and mark you only for a life sentence
in this prison by the sea
and the alleyways are narrow
and there are more human lives
packed one against the other
more than any other place on earth
Just run.
We aren’t trying to kill you.
It doesn’t matter that
you can’t call us back to tell us
the people we claim to want aren’t in your house
that there’s no one here
except you and your children
who were cheering for Argentina
sharing the last loaf of bread for this week
counting candles left in case the power goes out.
It doesn’t matter that you have children.
You live in the wrong place
and now is your chance to run
to nowhere.
It doesn’t matter
that 58 seconds isn’t long enough
to find your wedding album
or your son’s favorite blanket
or your daughter’s almost completed college application
or your shoes
or to gather everyone in the house.
It doesn’t matter what you had planned.
It doesn’t matter who you are
Prove you’re human.
Prove you stand on two legs.
Running Orders" by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha (via theremina)

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Anonymous asked: So racists want to send an armed militia to the border and have decided to label it "operation normandy". Now, I know reading isn't a thing racists like to do, but someone must have caught on to the fact that the defenders of the beaches in Normandy weren't actually the heroes.


Actually, a lot of those people are actually just like modern day versions of those folks. We should call them Neo-people-who-defended-Normandy-Beach-against-the-Allies.


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My snapchat story y’all


Guys if I had known this post would get almost 10k notes in less than 24 hours I would have put effort into a caption and probably more effort into the actual story bc there was none. This is so crazy omfg WHY IS THIS POPULAR

I looked at this yesterday and it still had close to 1k notes and now it’s like famous.

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Anonymous asked: Weird how a lot of white people love to criticize and complain about Kanye West but at the same time "forget" that Elvis liked to fuck underage girls and John Lennon beat his first wife and was an insufferable asshole


Also they made just the fucking wackest music.